Indian man Arrested for stabbing colleague 11 times

Vastavam web: A 38-year-old Indian man based in Dubai has stabbed a colleague 11 times after his company failed to put him on a repatriation flight to India to attend his mother”s funeral, according to a media report. As per records, the 25-year-old victim, also an Indian expatriate, in August this year communicated to his fellow workers that their construction company was repatriating 22 workers in flights to India. “The suspect wanted to know why his name wasn’t on this list of people. He told me that his mother was very sick and that he needed to return home. I told him it wasn”t my decision,” the victim was quoted in the report on Tuesday.

The following day, the accused told the victim that his mother had died. “He was angry and returned to his room. After a few minutes, he came back with a knife in his hand and stabbed me 11 times in the abdomen and chest. He was under the influence of alcohol,” the victim was quoted.