Thousands of Indians protest in London to Support Indian Farmers

Vastavam web: Scotland Yard has reportedly arrested several protesters who gathered outside the Indian High Commission in central London, as a show of support for farmers demonstrating against agricultural reforms in India on Sunday. Several law enforcement officers descended upon Aldwych to police the “We stand with farmers of Punjab” demonstration, after having warned the protesters that strict measures have been enforced to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and therefore. The Metropolitan Police had said a “robust” policing plan will be in place and officers will take action if they witness any breach of the regulations. The Metropolitan Police said that 13 people in total were arrested for breaching Covid-19 regulations.

“We had issued a reminder urging those who were planning to attend to reconsider but, unfortunately, a number of people decided not to follow that advice. A proportionate policing plan was in place, the demonstration has now concluded and those in attendance have begun to leave,” said Met Police Commander Paul Brogden. “I would strongly urge anyone who is planning to come to the Aldwych area to reconsider. I would also encourage anyone who is currently in attendance to leave the area. Our officers will take the appropriate action where necessary,” he added. “Our High Commission has been coordinating closely with the authorities concerned and we will, together with them, address the issues that have come up – for example how this gathering of thousands could take place without specific permission,” an Indian High Commission spokesperson said.