Indian Embassy in Oman shares advisory on amnesty

Vastavam web: In the wake of amnesty declared by the Oman government exempting fines accumulated on residents’ visas and permits for those who leave Oman for good by the year end, the Indian Embassy in Oman has shared further advisory on amnesty. The advisory mentions that Oman has declared amnesty for those have not renewed their resident visas, or those have been staying without a valid visa or who have been absconding. These categories of people who are exempted from fines arising out of their current visa status are requested by the embassy to register with the Oman Ministry of Labour either through Embassy of India, or with the help of social workers or Sanad offices (Sanad offices are licensed offices that deal with ministry related permits, approvals and application submissions.a The Embassy of India in Oman has made arrangements within its premises to help people with the Labour Ministry registration.

Those travellers whose passport validity has expired must approach BLS International Muscat or their designated centres and apply for emergency certificate. Those staying in interior towns or far away from the capital, are requested to send in their applications duly verified by honorary consular agent in that area, to BLS main office in Muscat or through its collection centres.