AP State Got Seventh Rank in Best Performing States

Vastavam web: The coronavirus epidemic not only claimed the lives of the people but also devastated the global economy. This was revealed in the India Today State of the States 2020 study. Not just in the financial sector, the study said that Andhra Pradesh is also performing better in the tourism sector. The association examined the progress made by the states in over 12 areas (economy, tourism, infrastructure, integrated development, governance, security, entrepreneurship, sanitation, environment, education, health, agriculture) with data collected in various ways and divided the states into the categories of Best Performance, Best Improved and Overall and gave them a score accordingly.

Andhra Pradesh, which stood at eighth position last year back has stormed into seventh place this year in the category best performing big states. If our state ranks eighth in 2018 in the category of Most Improved Large States, it achieved the second rank last year. The India Today study reveals that it is moving towards sustainable development while maintaining the same rank this year. Andhra Pradesh topped the list of ‘Most Improved’ major states in terms of economy and tourism. Andhra Pradesh came in second with 1,194.8 marks out of 2,000 marks in the overall ‌ in most improved ‌ Large States category.