Silly Counter to BJP!

Vastavam Web: The BJP is going damn aggressive during its election campaigning to win the GHMC battle. The party’s leaders are alleging that the Trs held responsible for 40000 Rohingya muslims getting settled in the city of Hyderabad. “If BJP gets GHMC throne, the party would let Rohingyas leave the city,” they assured the people.

On the other hand, the BJP leaders are alleging that KCR is encouraging terrorism in Hyderabad extending his support to the MIM. The party’s leaders even dared to accuse KCR, ‘Deshadrohi’. Threatened by the BJP’s accusations and allegations, the Trs top brass and the MIM leaders appeared to have scripted a strategy, which ultimately turned out to be a laughing stock.

As part of Trs and MIM’s combined strategy, MIM should criticise the Trs and the Trs would give a counter to the MIM. Accordingly, MIM’s Charminar MLA Mumtaz challenged MIM could make Trs lose power in just two months if the party (MIM) intends to. Further, he said KTR is just a budding politician.