Time say Bye to Congress in India?

Vastavam Web: The latest elections results are almost certain and it is very clear that the country hates Congress. It is the time for complete revamp of the party and identify a leader who can connect with people and talk to people, and lead the party for 2024 General elections.

“Bihar is India, India is Bihar” was slogan of Mahagatbandhan. If this slogan is true than, it is not a happy thing for Congress! The party is facing a rout in Bihar though its Mahagatbandhan partner RJD is faring better, albeit will not make to the seat of power. It is not just Bihar the Madhya Pradesh by-elections for 29 seats have also gone in favour of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The BJP sweep is being felt everywhere, in Karnataka, Gujarat, Jharkhand and also Telangana. Interestingly everywhere they are spreading their wings and capturing the country. Unfortunately, the Congress is nowhere in the scene, BJP’s close contenders in most cases are regional parties while Congress is left as a distant third!
The Congress needs to get this perception right. The questioning of surgical strikes, open criticism of revocation of Article 370, etc, just leads to the trap laid by the BJP.

A confused cadre, no clarity over leadership and dwindling support in states, rising regional powers and an aggressive BJP pushing into unknown territory adds to the Congress’s woes and apprehensions. The party which has over 100 years of history, cadre spread across the length and breadth of the country, ruled the country for over 55 years is facing an unprecedented crisis that is likely to dismantle the party structure forever! Unless there is new wave in Congress, there are very slim chances of it to survive the BJP onslaught!