Joe Biden Confident About Winning US Presidential Election With A Huge Majority!

Vastavam Web: Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden, who is inching towards the magical figure to win the White House expressed a strong feeling of claiming victory in the polls. Joe Biden took to Twitter and said the Democrats are going to win the Arizona and Georgia states in which no democrats have won the elections in the past two decades.

‘We are going to be the first Democrats to win Arizona in 24 years. We are going to be the first Democrats to win Georgia in 28 years. And we re-built the Blue Wall in the middle of the country that crumbled just four years ago,’ his tweet read.

Joe Biden has now become the Presidential candidate to get more votes in the elections. Earlier, Barack Obama held teh record of receiving the highest votes with 69,498,516 votes in the 2018 elections.

There is a reason for Joe Biden’s confidence. Democrats party candidates won victoriously in some states where the Republican party holds a stronghold. Joe Biden has won some battleground states and getting closer to the magical figure by winning one after the other state. Reports claim that Joe Biden won 264 votes so far, while Donald Trump won 214 electoral votes. The Magical figures to win the White House is 270 electoral votes.