Dubbaka by-polls: a big fight between BJP and TRS

Vastavam Web: With both TRS and BJP locking horns in Dubbaka being desperate for the upper hand in the by-polls, many sensational things are happening one after another. Events like Police seizing the money that belongs to the BJP leader and a BJP supporter supporting trying to commit suicide right in front of the BJP office condemning the arrest of the BJP President Bandi Sanjay have took this battle to the whole next level.

In these tense stations, BJP Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Aravind said that the President rule seems to be inevitable in Telangana in the upcoming days. BJP MP Dharmapuri Aravind gave a sensational counter to KTR’s remarks on BJP. The MP said that if the BJP workers were shot, it would be violence perpetrated by the TRS government. KTR should remember that if the same happens, the presidential rule will come in Telangana in no time.

Aravind added that “we, who defeated Kavita, the daughter of KCR without sweating out much in Nizamabad MP election, won’t reduce ourselves and stoop to the level of shedding the blood of our own workers. On the other hand, Bandi said Sanjay’s arrest in Siddipet was undemocratic. That is why the Central Election Commission has appointed a special officer.”

The BJP is planning a lathi-charge or firing tomorrow. The BJP leaders in Dubbaka have been accused of conspiring in a number of moves. Even their money was caught so many times and hence they chose this route to gain the upper hand,” KTR added.