Telangana State is pillar of strength for India: Minister KTR

Vastavam web: The Central government has provided funds for the development of Telangana and has given only half of the funds in return from the taxes, said minister KTR. “The state’s contribution to the centre in the form of taxes is Rs 2,72,926 and the centre has released Rs 1,40,329 which is half of the total,” the minister said. Despite limited funds, the state is being developed in all the sectors including agriculture, industries and other services and continued to be a pillar of strength for India, he added.

Between 2014 and 2020, the per capita income of our country was at 54.9 per cent and the Telangana’s was 83.9 per cent, said the minister adding Chief Minister’s leadership, progressive policies helped the state to achieve higher GDP growth rate.