14-year-old girl in Russia ‘puts newborn baby in freezer

Vastavam Web: A newborn baby has been found dead in a freezer in Russia, after being placed there by a 14-year-old mother who was too afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy.

Russian state media reported that the incident happened in the village of Verkh-Tula in the Novosibirsk region of Russia, where the teenager lived with her family. Nobody in the family had been aware of the girl’s pregnancy, Nadezhda Boltenko, the Ombudsman (public lawyer) for child’s rights told TASS.

“The mother of the schoolgirl called the doctor because the girl had stomach pains at night. The mother thought it was appendicitis. When the paramedic arrived, the girl told him that she had given birth to a baby and put it in the freezer,” said the lawyer. Police believe the girl gave birth in secret during the night, before hiding the baby in the freezer because she was too scared to tell her parents, according to local media. By the time the authorities arrived at the home it was too late to save the baby, who had been in the freezer for a number of hours.