AP Government puts cyclonic damage for 4,450 crores

Vastavam web: Cyclonic effects and the resultant heavy rainfall have inflicted untold misery not only on the farmers of Andhra Pradesh but also on others in towns and cities, including in Vijayawada. The State Government has put the preliminary cost of damages at Rs 4,450 crore after an aerial survey by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Two pertinent points arise out of the situation which are not being considered for a long-term plan. Flooding not only dismantles the livelihood structure of households, but also brings in several other problems, which make living conditions extremely challenging.

While the role of the community is significant for its spontaneous action, the role of the government support is equally crucial, for its control over rescue and rehabilitation resources. However, the role of community support is found to be more significant, for its instantaneous involvement at the critical hours of flooding, whereas the government support, though very important, invaluably arrives late.