‘Three Suns’ appear in the sky over China due to ‘sun dog’

Vastavam web: The residents of China’s northernmost city Mohe on October 15 were surprised after they spotted what appeared like ‘three Suns’ hanging in the sky at the same time. The optical illusion took place for about three hours from 6:30 am to 9:30 in Mohe town of Tuqiang province. The image was even shared by the provincial meteorological authority, which showed two mock suns appearing on the left and right side of the actual sun in Mohe. This is for the first time that sun dog occurrence lasted for such a long duration in this area.

Experts even opine that sun dog takes place when sunlight passes through high-altitude ice crystals in cirrus clouds, called ‘parhelion’. Earlier in February 2020, people in Inner Mongolia in northern China were greeted by ‘five suns’ in the sky. While in 2015, a triple sunrise was seen in Chelyabinsk in Russia.