Will Provide Access to Citizenship to 11 Million Illegal Immigrants if Elects: Biden

Vastavam web: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has vowed to provide citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants if voted to power in the November 3 presidential election. Biden identified this as one of his priorities in addition to beating the coronavirus pandemic, rebuilding the economy and figuring out how to restore American leadership around the world. We’re going to have to deal with the immigration crisis we have. I’m going to send the House and Senate an immigration bill that’s going to provide access to citizenship to 11 million people, he said.

Trump has been asserting that building a wall along the Mexico border is the only way to check illegal immigration, and on various occasions said that every day the US border patrol encounters roughly 2,000 illegal immigrants trying to enter the country. When asked how he would envision his first 30 days in office in terms of both domestic and foreign policy, Biden said: A lot more can go wrong between now and January 21, and I’m not being facetious. Four more years, we’re not going to have the country we have now. If the American people elect me, we’re going to have an enormous task in repairing the damage he’s done, Biden said, referring to the policies of Trump, a Republican.