Indian-American couple releases digital graphics campaign for Joe Biden

Vastavam web: A Silicon Valley-based Indian-American couple has released a digital graphic campaign in Hindi, urging their community members to support and vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. The focus of the campaign on the battle ground States where every vote matters and Indian-Americans can play an important role in the election results, Bhutoria said in a statement.

Battle ground States of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, along with three southern states Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, as well as Arizona collectively have 127 electoral votes. “The Indian American Votes will be the margin of victory and make the winning difference in battleground states,” he said. Democratic supporters this year are doing extensive outreach to the Indo Americans /South Asians in 14 languages through thousands of phone banking calls each week.

“We are determined to turn out the 1.3 million Indo American votes for Biden,” he said. Earlier Ajay had released two Bollywood videos to “unite all South Asians and people of Indian origin to support Biden and Harris.