NTR, Charan Complaints about Rajamouli Torture

Vastavam web: Director SS Rajamouli has this habit of releasing first look or any other content of an actor or technicians on their birthdays. So, Today is Rajamouli’s birthday and his fans were waiting for a special from the team. A small glimpse has been unveiled. The video shows Charan, NTR and technicians working for the film complaining about Rajamouli and how he tortures them. Both Charan and NTR say how tough it is to work with Rajamouli who doesn’t say okay until he is completely pleased. As revealed by NTR, it took more than three hours to okay a shot. “He said pack up in the morning at 4 AM,” says NTR.

Charan said Rajamouli shoots risky stunts at odd times and they can’t say no to him. Assistant directors are seen expressing their unbearable working experience with Rajamouli. All in all they say they enjoy the process.