U.S Judge Ordered to Reserve 9,000 Diversity Visas Past Deadline

Vastavam web: A U.S. district judge in Washington ordered the State Department to reserve 9,095 diversity visas for winners of the 2020 lottery whose applications are still being processed amid delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The ruling, issued late Wednesday, is the latest in a series of orders for the diversity visa hopefuls who faced a pending Sept. 30 deadline to receive their papers so that they can come to the U.S. in 2021.

The diversity visa lottery winners are part of five consolidated lawsuits challenging Trump’s ability to ban immigrants and foreign workers from entering the country through the rest of the year. The judge, Amit Mehta, on Sept. 4 ruled that the ban should be lifted for the diversity visa selectees, but processing delays have continued to put them at risk of missing the program’s deadline mandating that visas be issued by the end of the fiscal year.

“This order provides hope for thousands of immigrant families, but our work is not done until our plaintiffs’ feet are on US soil,” Curtis Morrison, an attorney representing some of the diversity visa plaintiffs who won relief, said in a release. “Our focus will be winning our cases on the merits, so we can move forward with getting consular interviews for our plaintiffs who have not yet been issued visas.”