Indian-American Scientist Won 73 Lakhs for Inventing Phone-Based Saliva Test

Vastavam web: The importance of conducting quick tests for infectious diseases has come to light like never before with the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Building on the same, a research team led by an Indian-American has now come up with a quick and non-invasive way that uses a mobile phone to detect infectious diseases. The Cornell researchers’ team, led by Saurabh Mehta, has been awarded the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Technology Accelerator Challenge prize for the innovation. The prize won by the team is a whopping USD 100,000 (Rs 73,69,490) grant. Mehta explains the importance of using salivary biomarkers for such non-invasive diagnostics. As per Mehta, such diagnostic technologies could revolutionize how health conditions like malaria and iron deficiency are identified. Such ways of diagnostics are especially of importance in settings where access to laboratory-based tests is limited. “This concept provides noninvasive, rapid and accurate results anywhere in the world, Mehta said.