Federal Judge Nevada dismissed Trump campaign lawsuit over mail-in ballots

Vastavam web: A federal judge in Nevada has dismissed a lawsuit by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign that sought to block the state from sending mail-in ballots to every registered voter, a legal victory for Democrats ahead of November’s election. The order adds to wins for Democrats in battleground states, including in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, where courts this month ruled that mailed ballots arriving within certain time periods after Nov. 3’s Election Day must still be counted.

Experts say election fraud is exceedingly rare in the United States, but Trump, a Republican facing off against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, has repeatedly said without evidence that an expected surge in voting by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a “rigged” election. Nevada is among eight states that plan to mail every voter a ballot. Election officials in most states have encouraged at-home voting as the highly contagious nature of the novel coronavirus has made voting in person a concern.

Source: Reuters