Chinese Man Jailed for killing Indian-Origin Son in Law in Singapore

Vastavam web: A 72-year-old Chinese-origin businessman in Singapore was on Monday jailed for eight-and-a-half years for stabbing his Indian-origin son-in-law to death at a coffee shop in broad daylight following disputes over his handling of the family business and extra-marital affairs. Justice Dedar Singh Gill said this was a “vicious and brazen killing” but noted the accused”s major depressive disorder at the time, as well as his “fast-deteriorating” health, which the judge said weighed heavily on his mind, the report said.

Tuppani had made several business moves that Tan perceived as a ploy to cheat him of his company. They also lived in the same household, even after Tan’s daughter discovered Tuppani’s affair with another woman and the couple was quarrelling frequently, it said.

On the day of the incident, July 10, 2017, Tan saw his son-in-law eating at a coffee shop. Tan retrieved a knife from the company’s office at Cecil Court before approaching the younger man who was there with three friends, the report said. The accused told Tuppani “you are too much” in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect), before stabbing him three times in quick succession and following the victim as he stumbled away and collapsed in front of an outlet, it said.

Tan stood over his son-in-law and stopped others from helping him, telling them to “let him die” and that “I wish to kill him”, the report said, adding that before the police arrived, Tan kicked the younger man”s face twice, before calling his daughter. He said to her: “I can’t sleep at night. I have done it. I have killed him. Don’t cry. I am old already. I am not scared (of) going to jail.”