Airstrike on taliban base in Afghanistan..30 people dead

Vastavam web: Violence in Afghanistan continues to be a regular occurrence even with the government and Taliban entering into peace negotiations. In the latest skirmish, two airstrikes on a Taliban base in the northeastern Afghan province of Kunduz left up to 30 civilians dead on Saturday, September 19. According to reports, one airstrike was carried out in the Nikpai area of the Khanabad district of Kunduz, drawing civilians from around the area. That is when another airstrike is reported to have occurred which resulted in 30 civilian casualties. In addition, 18 people have also been left injured in the incident.

Afghan Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid has stated that the attacks by Taliban forces have actually increased since the beginning of the peace talks. Khalid is also reported to have added that in an effort to ensure the violence does not negatively impact the ongoing talks, Afghan security forces have refrained from any aggressive retaliatory measures.