US President will Focus on American People during Republican convention: White House

Vastavam web: President Donald Trump will focus on the American people during the four-day Republican National Convention where he would be formally nominated as the party’s presidential candidate, according to the White House Chief of Staff. The convention, beginning on Monday, will conclude with 74-year-old Trump delivering his acceptance speech from the South Lawns of the White House on Thursday. Vice President Mike Pence, 61, is also all set to be re-nominated as Trump’s running mate by the Republican Party at its convention from August 24 to 27.

“This president (Trump) will focus on the American people this week (at RNC),” White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told Fox News on Sunday. He said that Biden, who is challenging Trump in the November 3 presidential elections, lacks actions and it was reflected in his convention speech. “When we look at it… listen to that speech that Joe Biden gave, (it) was very much like a speech that he had given in 2008. But this is not about speeches… Biden has been in office for over 40 years. Politicians give speeches.

What we’re looking for is action. This president (Trump) has shown action each and every day. Joe Biden has barely passed two bills, one of which is trying to run away because of the left,” Meadows said. Responding to a question, Meadows said that Trump is the one who is standing between achieving the American dream and anarchy.

We don’t have to look any further than the streets across the country to see what’s happening, you know, supposedly peaceful protests that are now being classified as riots. And this president is the only thing standing between that and anarchy. But here’s what it is. It’s about defending the police. It’s about making sure that we fund them properly, not defund them.

Source: PTI