Residents stuck outside UAE for 6 months can return

Vastavam web: As UAE Residents begin to return home, GDRFA issued a clarification on the same. In a recent update, GDRFA stated that Dubai residents who have been outside the UAE for 6 months can still enter the country if they have a valid residence visa. In addition, it also added that their return will depend on which country they currently are in. All those who wish to return to the UAE must take a Covid-19 test prior to departure. Besides, they must also obtain permission from GDRFA.

Dubai resident visa holders must first request for approval from GDRFA. Once the approval comes through, you can book your flight ticket. However, it is not essential that you only book your ticket with a Dubai-based airline. All airlines permitted to operate in DXB are allowed to transport residents to the UAE.

However, in case the country you are stranded in has not resumed flights, you will have to wait until flight operations resume. Besides, those who have received permission, but are unable to travel due to the airport being closed in the departure country must also wait until air bubbles to the UAE reopen. They must then re-apply for the return permit prior to travel.