Dragon country seals one more village after Bubonic Plague deaths

Vastavam web: Dragon country sealed off another village after a person died with bubonic plague. According to Health Commission of Bayannaoer a local patient suffering with the centuries-old disease died Friday of multiple organ failure. He was the second person in this month who died with bubonic plague. The place of the person set to lockdown and epidemiological investigation is doing at the place, as per Health Commission. The First lockdown was announced on Thursday to a village near this place when he health commission of Baotou announced a villager there had died of circulatory system failure.

The bubonic plague is a highly infectious and often fatal disease, “with a case-fatality ratio of 30% – 100% if left untreated,” according to the World Health Organization (WHO).While the disease is spread mostly by rodents, authorities in both cities have warned that human-to-human transmission is possible. “Currently, there is a risk of human plague spreading in our city,” the statement reads. They also urged people to reduce contact with wild animals and avoid hunting, skinning or eating animals that could cause infection.