Indian origin mother, two children killed in New York road accident

Vastavam web: An indian origin woman, her son and daughter killed in road accident at New York State highway. Five other family members were injured in the crash on Monday that also involved a second car in which the group was travelling, the New York Post reported quoting police. Zulika Gayapersad, 47, and her children Justin, 10, and Chelsea, 14, were killed when the truck driven by a Canadian hit their Honda Accord. A five-year-old child in the second car, a Kia Sedona, miraculously escaped unhurt, MidHudsonNews reported.

The driver of the Honda, Neta Singh, 24, and front-seat passenger, Saleena Singh, 18, were hospitalised, near Bloomington, about 150 km from the city, MidhudsonNews reported. But Ramarine Singh, 48, who was in the Kia, was seriously injured requiring to be airlifted to a hospital and two others, Sangeeta Singh, 27, and Saleema Salim, 45, were also hospitalised. All those in the two cars were family members living in the Bronx in New York City and had come from Trinidad and Guyana, CBS New York said.