RGV’s KRKR Trailer to Release on October 27th

Vastavam web: Ram Gopal Varma who is very famous for his controversies and his promotional startegies is now back with his new film “Kamma Rajyam lo Kadapa Redlu”. This film trailer is going to be launched on this 27th on the eve of Diwali. He officially confirmed this on his twitter saying that

“The trailer of KAMMA RAJYAMLO KADAPA REDDLU is going to release on October 27th, 9.36 Am as a DIWALI GIFT to POLITICIANS, JOURNALISTS, ROWDIES, FACTIONISTS, POLICE PEOPLE and COMMON PEOPLE.. ..GOD BLESS #KRKR”. “Rangam” fame Ajmal Ameer is playing the lead role and many other actors are playing important roles in this film.