TDP MP Made An Interesting Comments On TDP Chief and Amaravati

Vastavam web: Ever since the YSRCP came into power, there was an interesting discussion in Andhra Pradesh on the issue of capital is known. The public has been confused by the repeated comments made by Municipal Minister Botsa Satyanarayana on Amaravati. There is a verbal battle between the opposition and the ruling party. Against this backdrop, TDP leader and Guntur parliamentarian Galla Jayadev made interesting comments.

Speaking at the TDP office in Mangalgiri on Tuesday, he said that if the capital is formed at one place, the state will grow and the youth will be able to get jobs. Jayadev said that the Andhra people had made a mistake and that they think it would have been great if Chandrababu becomes chief minister. He said that even central ministers are also feeling the same.

“We have received over 600 awards from the Center in the last five years,” he said. The MP said that the development of all areas in the state was done. Jayadev said Rs 9,000 crore had been spent on the interconnection of roads.