Migrant workers are Leaving AP Capital Due To Recession In Construction Field

Vastavam web: Thousands of migrant workers from Bihar, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal are moving back from the capital city Amaravati to their homeland due to an economic recession in the construction field. About 50,000 workers from the northern states came to work in the capital city. They have all been involved in the construction of apartments, villas, houses, shopping complexes and multiplexes in the capital. Construction works have been halted due to sand shortages caused by floods.

“As 20 per cent of the work is yet to be completed, the sales of apartments had halted,” said Venkat. Thousands of workers in 30 trades are dependent on construction activities for their livelihood have lost their earnings. Salim, a migrant worker from Rajasthan, said that they used to send on an average 15000 to their families in native places is now unable to earn for their self.