Britain prime minister vows to stay put to hit Oct 31 Brexit deadline

Vastavam web: Boris Johnson said on Sunday he would not quit as Britain’s prime minister even if he fails to secure a deal to leave the European Union, insisting only his Conservative government can deliver Brexit on Oct. 31. Johnson and his ministers again declined to explain how he plans to circumvent that law and deliver on his Brexit promise, deepening uncertainty around Britain’s biggest trade and foreign policy shift for more than 40 years.

“People can feel that this country is approaching an important moment of choice and we have to get on and we have to deliver Brexit on October the 31st … I’m going to get on and do it,” he told.

Michael Gove, the minister in charge of planning for a so-called no-deal Brexit, was equally confident the government’s plans would not be derailed, saying ministers knew the shape of the deal they wanted to pursue ahead of an Oct. 17/18 EU summit. “We know broadly what the outline of a deal might look like. If we can secure progress on all sides then we can get a deal agreed before the October (EU) council and we can have it signed off at the October council,” Gove told an event at the conference.

But opposition lawmakers are increasingly hostile to Johnson’s government, accusing the prime minister of stoking division by using terms such as “the surrender act”. Even those who want a deal, might not be as compliant as before.