It is not reverse tender, It is reserve tender: TDP Chief

Vastavam web: TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday alleged that due to reverse tender for the Polavaram Project, thousands of crores of rupees loss was caused to the government. He further said the YSRCP government called reverse tenders motivated by political considerations. He made it clear that there is no use of calling revere tenders and termed it as ‘reserved tender.’

He criticised the government for throwing the safety of the Polavaram Project to winds and questioned why the Polavaram Hydel project and power house works were combined. He questioned why the government had ignored CVC guidelines. He said the State is going in reverse direction. He alleged that the government reserved the Polavaram Project contract reverse tender for Megha Engineering. He further said the engineering company, which quoted lowest tender to get the bid, cannot ensure quality in executing the works and as a result, safety of the project is in doubt.