CM KCR scared of Telangana history: BJP

Vastavam web: BJP Telangana State, Chief Spokesperson, K Krishna Saagar Rao said that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao is scared of Telangana history. In a statement here on Monday, he said KCR is scared that if the day of the liberation of Telangana from the foreign oppressor is celebrated on September 17, it would harm his political interest with AIMIM party.

However, KCR should know that whoever tried twisting and manipulating history have paid a huge price. The sacrifices of thousands, who died fighting against the atrocities of Nizam and his private militia Razakars shouldn’t go unremembered.

It will go down in history, as a party which disrespected the sacrifices of Telangana freedom fighters during the Nizam’s regime. BJP will ensure September 17 will be officially declared and celebrated as ‘Telangana Liberation Day’, once it comes to power in the State.