Telangana CM encouraging Harish Rao to set up own party: Vemuri Radhakrishna

Vastavam web: ABN-Andhra Jyothy owner Vemuri Radhakrishna seems to have ‘investigated’ why TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chadrasekhar Rao has been sidelining his nephew T Harish Rao both in the party and the government. Radhakrishna says there is a ‘larger gameplan’ of KCR behind Harish episode. Radhakrishna says like Tamil Nadu where only DMK and AIADMK come to power and give no scope for national parties Congress, BJP to come to power, the state of Telangana should have only two regional parties, which should come to power and for this reason KCR wants Harish to set up his own party so that either TRS or Harish’s party should be in power.

Radhakrishna says KCR wants to give an impression that Harish revolted against him and set up his own party else people will think that both parties are same and may vote for Congress or BJP in future but in reality KCR himself is behind Harish setting up his own party to prevent Congres or BJP from coming to power in Telangana in future. KCR wants people to vote for Harish’s party if they don’t like TRS but should not vote for Congress or BJP.