Former Minister Ravela revealed reason for leaving Janasena

Vastavam web: Ravela Kishore, who left Janasena party recently explained the reasons for leaving Janasena party. He joined BJP in the presence of Kanna Lakshmi Narayana and after that he spoke to media. Ravela Kishore told that he joined Janasena by seeing Pawan Kalyan’s ideals and aspirations for the society but he later understood that ideals can not solve the problems of people but the political power only can solve all such issues.

Couple of months back, when Pawan joined Ravela Kishore Babu into his party, he became very emotional and was almost in tears. After that, Ravela shared dais with Pawan on many occasions. Even though Pawan gave him prominence in his party, he couldn’t win the election, like all other leaders in this party.

However, Political analysts are pointing different reasons for Ravela joining BJP. They are opining that – Sucharitha, who won against him became home minister now and she may suppress her political rival Ravela and that could be reason for him to join BJP.