EVMs are well guarded & kept safely: Karnataka CEO

Vastavam web: Electronic Voting Machines (EVM)s in Karnataka are well guarded and kept safely, state Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar said Tuesday, seeking to allay concerns over their safety. “As you know EVMs are guarded with multi-layer protection. So in the inner layer…core layer, we have got Central Paramilitary Forces.

So, three sections of CPF are made available in each place where EVMs are stored and then the outer cordon is by the district police. So, it is all very safe,” Kumar told reporters.

The CEO said he does not think there is such “distress” in any place and asserted that the EVMs and VVPATs are being guarded very safely. Asked by what time the final results would be out, Kumar said the first set of results may start from 3 PM and may be finished by 6 PM.

However, it can delay further too. “There can be some delay, but that does not mean there will be very much delay, because generally we are starting our results from 12 PM.

The CEO said a delay beyond 6 PM would take place if someone demanded the election results be recounted.