China President urged Youth to ‘love’ the Communist Party

Vastavam web: President Xi Jinping urged China’s youth on Tuesday to be loyal to the Communist Party as he sought to whip up patriotic sentiment in a nationalist speech marking the centennial of a student protest. Xi delivered his hour-long plea at the Great Hall of the People to commemorate the May Fourth Movement, a landmark protest against colonialism and imperialism that rocked China in 1919.

“It’s very shameful if a person isn’t patriotic or even deceives or betrays the motherland. There is no place for such a person to stand anywhere,” Xi told rows of young people, workers, soldiers and Communist Party cadres, many writing notes as he spoke.

“In contemporary China, the essence of patriotism is to combine one’s love for the country with love for the party and socialism,” he said. While Xi has repeatedly extolled the teachings of Marx and the Communist Party, authorities have cracked down on Marxist students who backed labour movements in recent months.

“In the face of external temptations, we must maintain our strength, strictly abide by the rules, create a better life with hard work and honest labour,” Xi said.