Indian national Arrested in Singapore for taking bribes

Vastavam web: An Indian national working at a logistics company at Singapore’s Changi Airport has been jailed for eight weeks and fined 800 Singapore dollars for accepting bribes to under-report the weight of passenger bags, a media report said on Tuesday.

Hiteshkumar Chandubhai Patel, 37, who worked as a customer service associate for logistics service provider UBTS between January 2015 and November 2016, was ordered to pay a penalty of 800 Singapore dollars for the offence he committed.

However, he took money from an Indian national named Gopal Krishna Raju, who ran a side business of buying gold in Singapore and sending it to Chennai to be sold. “Instead of using a courier service, he would look for travellers to Chennai to help him carry the gold over in their luggage, and they would in turn get paid by his relatives there,” the report said. Raju offered Patel money and meals from January to October 2016 to under-report the weight of the bags.