Rajasekhar and Hema Fires On Naresh Behavior

Vastavam web: MAA elections has become the most discussed topic in Telugu states in recent times. After facing stiff opposition from Shivaji Raja, the outgoing president of Tollywood’s Movie Artists Association (MAA), Naresh took oath as the association’s new president in a ceremony to be held on Friday. A silly war of words had happened on Friday in between executive vice president Rajasekhar and president Naresh. On Friday, actress Hema was left deeply embarrassed when the newly elected ‘MAA’ president Naresh suddenly pulled the mike away from her.

When Hema was addressing the audience, her mike was snatched by Naresh. She was left dumbfounded by the unexpected incident. Rajasekhar, who was standing next to her, immediately gave her another mike. Hema felt very insulted and spoke about Naresh on the dais itself. She said that Naresh’ behavior was intolerable.

Rajasekhar was angry on Naresh for his behavior. Naresh used the word ‘me’ instead of ‘my team’ in oath ceremony repeatedly. Rajasekhar expressed his unhappiness for using word ‘me’.