Ram Gopal Varma to file case on Censor Board

Vastavam web: Ram Gopal Varma’s “Lakshmi’s NTR” has not yet get clearance from Censor Board. The film is unlikely to release on March 22nd. RGV has alleged that Censor Board dodging on the film for ulterior reason. The film should get Election Commission (EC) approval for the release, Censor Board is citing this reason to give clearance. But the job of Censor Board is to clear or suggest cuts for the objectionable content, it should not worry whether the producer gets EC’s approval or not.

CBFC is assuming the jurisdiction of Election Commission which is not vested in it and is withholding certification of #LakshmisNTR and constitutionally it cannot partake the role of Election Commission,” RGV posted on Twitter. “Censor board is illegally acting on outside pressure and that’s why we are filing a case in court.”