Congress welcomes declaration of Lok Sabha election schedule

Vastavam web: Claiming that victory will be of the truth, the Congress Sunday welcomed the declaration of the Lok Sabha election schedule, saying the party along with the united opposition will defeat and dethrone the Modi government from power. The Congress also said that it will announce seat-sharing pattern with alliance partners in Maharashtra, West Bengal and Bihar within two-three days. Soon after the announcement by the Election Commission, the party put out a two-minute video entitled ‘aarambh hai prachand’ (the beginning of something massive), showing party chief Rahul Gandhi meeting the people across the country.

It said the party was ready for the battle and also claimed the victory of the truth for the UPA in 2019. Addressing a press conference, Congress general secretary K C Venugopal said, “The Congress and opposition are united and we are very confident that we will defeat the Modi government.” “We welcome the much-awaited election announcement. We, the Congress, believe in democracy and are confident that this democratic process will dethrone this anti-democratic and dictatorial Modi-BJP government from power,” he claimed.

He said the party was going to have an alliance in Maharashtra. “Already, it has been agreed that the Congress will fight on 26 seats and the NCP will fight on 22 seats. Then, there are some alliance partners that will share seats with both the parties. Within one or two days, we will complete the talks,” Venugopal said. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, who also addressed the press conference, said, “When opposition parties go into an alliance, sometimes it is post-poll and sometimes it is pre-poll. You should remain assured.”

“This nation’s people have decided that the way this government has performed…people have been misled and there was misgovernance…so when it comes to alliance, the alliance will happen,” he said. The Congress also questioned why the dates for Jammu and Kashmir elections were not announced by the Election Commission. Venugopal asked, “Why is the government running away from conducting elections in Jammu and Kashmir? It is a part of India and the entire country wants a democratic government in the state. This is the need of the hour.” He said it is the duty of the Election Commission to “foresee the things that are happening on social media” and to conduct a free and fair elections.