No Use of Voting for TRS in Parliment Polls: Kishan Reddy

Vastavam web: Former BJP MLA G Kishan Reddy said voting to the TRS, Congress and other political parties will create political uncertainty in the country.Addressing the media on Thursday, he appealed to the people of the State that the TRS is trying to play the mind game to mislead people to win the ensuing Parliament elections. Kishan Reddy added that the TRS working president KT Rama Rao claimed that giving 16 seats to the TRS in the Lok Sabha elections will enable the party to play king-maker role in the formation of government at the Centre. However, past experience shows that voting for TRS ended up formation of ‘AIMIM Nizam Sarkar’ in the State.

The former BJP MLA said even if the TRS gets 17 out of 17 Parliament seats, it will have no impact. Voting to the TRS and Congress will only make MPs of those parties end up in serving the families leading those parties, he said.He said the regional parties or the Congress do not bothered about the country or people, but, they are worried about only about their families.

Responding to a question, Kishan Reddy asked Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu not to bring BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his political rivalry with the TRS or Telangana government. The BJP leaders said the recent visit of BJP chief Amit Shah gave confidence to the cader and leadership and the party will work hard to try to win more Parliament seats in Telangana.