Opposition alliance will send country to ICU: Narendra Modi

Vastavam web: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday pitched the upcoming Lok Sabha polls as an election to fulfil people’s aspirations after his government “fulfilled” their necessities, as he cautioned the BJP rank and file against any “smallest lapse” that may result in a setback like in 2004. The Opposition’s proposed grand alliance, which he called ‘mahamilavat’ (highly adulterated), will send the country to ICU (intensive care unit), Modi said, referring to “corruption and scams” under the previous UPA rule and describing the combine as a mixture of “oil and water” that will leave them useless.

In a video-interaction with BJP workers and sympathisers from across the country, he referred to the “experience of Atal ji” to say a smallest lapse may stop the fast-paced development under his government and “ease of corruption” and scams will rule again. Citing the ongoing development works, he said, “If there is any lapse in 2019 (polls), this will all go down the drain.”

Under his government, he said India has jumped to become the world’s sixth largest economy from 11th and he wants it to go up to the third position. “But a smallest of lapse can stop this fast pace of development. We have the experience of Atal ji. We have brought India’s rank in the ease of doing business to 77 from 142. A slightest of lapse and ease of corruption will rule again,” he said.

“Direct benefit transfer has stopped the loot of government money. A slightest of lapse and the loot by fixers will begin and corruption and huge scams may return again,” Modi added, asserting that people have not forgotten scams relating to coal block allocations, 2G spectrum and the Commonwealth Games. Modi asked BJP workers to contact various sections of society, including first-time voters, and suggested that every booth worker should be in touch with 10 families.

The difference between 2014 and 2019 polls is similar to the one between a black and white TV and colour TV, the prime minister said, adding the former was about fulfilling people’s necessities while the next five year will be about fulfilling their aspirations. His government has taken fundamental requirements to every doorstep while India also came out of “fragile five” to become a strong economy in the past five years, he said. Under his government, he said everybody can feel a change and all sections of society are full of self-confidence and ambition.

People believe that what was impossible earlier is possible now, he added. Targeting the Congress, Modi said its recently elected governments in three states — Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh — have begun cutting down on the central dispensation’s welfare schemes and denying benefits of health insurance and pro-farmers programmes to people there. When it was in power at the Centre, he said, the Congress put Aadhaar on the back-burner, hampered defence modernisation for “pocketing commission” and did not complete the Rafale fighter aircraft deal.

The upcoming elections will be between two political cultures, with one being represented by the BJP which “stands for democracy and honesty” and another by the Congress and other parties where decisions are taken by families, he said. Taking a dig at the Congress, he said the party which once ruled from panchayat to Parliament is now depending on small parties for “survival”.

Modi recalled that the Congress in its Pachmarhi conclave in 1998 had shown its “arrogance” by speaking against keeping any alliance and asserted that it has now been forced to ally with other parties not to form government but to remain alive. Referring to conflict among the opposition parties, he said everybody knows how the Left had treated Trinamool Congress president Mamata Banerjee and how she as chief minister has been treating its leaders. Expressing confidence that BJP will do well in south India, a region where the party has generally fared poorly except in Karnataka, Modi said it will put up its best ever show in Tamil Nadu, citing its alliance with the ruling AIADMK.