Challenge to IIT, IIM: New US H1B Visa rules

Vastavam web: The new rules by the U.S government will benefit foreigners with an advanced degree from a U.S university for H1B visa. The new regulation is likely to help Indian students as it will make it possible for them to work in the US. However, it will be a challenge for students of IITs and IIMs as the new H1B visa policy will differentiate a graduate between the US university and those from an IIT or an IIM. Here are five things you need to know about the new rules:

Differentiation: The new regulation benefits a graduate from the US university over a graduate from IIT and IIM. Despite being one of the largest growing technology and innovation-based economy, India is still way behind the Silicon Valley of the US. Silicon Valley continues to be the hub of technology and innovation throughout the world. Though it is still questionable, whether a graduate from IIT or IIM can be compared to a graduate from Harvard or MIT (Top US universities).

Indians in Valley: Silicon Valley full of IIT and IIM alumni has had a chain effect- helping raise, Indian reputation globally. Also, IITs and IIMs have become attractive hubs for Indian startups to get smart and high-skilled workers on board. Also, a proposal to make IITs post-graduate was also discussed in IIT council meet held last year.

B-side: On the other side, there is an argument that tougher H1B visa norms will help India retain the smart work-force back. It will help India to curb the ongoing brain drain in the nation. But on the counter, the brain drain has helped India to grow as a technology and innovation advancing nation as India has acquired knowledge from the workers who returned as experts. India needs to work more on its industrial demand for high-skilled workers.

Current scenario: Over 600 Indian students, mostly from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana could face deportation from the US, said American Telugu Association, after a secret operation by authorities- who set up a fake university to catch the ones who broke the immigration rules.