Youth should feel sad if you fail to vote: Narendra Modi

Vastavam web: Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections due this summer, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday said casting vote is a sacred duty and those who do not use the democratic right should feel the “pain” of not exercising their franchise. He pointed out that those born in the 21st century will cast their vote for the first time in the Lok Sabha polls. “They face the opportunity to shoulder responsibilities pertaining to the country. They have embarked upon the journey of being partners in nation building. The time has come for a confluence of individual dreams and the nation’s dream,” he said.

He said those who are unable to vote should feel saddened to witness any wrong taking place in the country. “I had not cast my vote … that day I did not go and vote and as a result, my country has borne the brunt,” he said explaining the feeling. The prime minister said, people have to realise the importance of this responsibility. “This must be our leaning; this should be our disposition. This inclination should be ingrained within us like a sanskaar (encultration),” he said.

He urged eminent personalities to come forward and jointly contribute in campaigning for spreading awareness on voter registration and casting vote. Modi pointed out that on January 25, 1950, the Election Commission came into being, a day before India became a republic. He said, the scale at which elections are held in India is a matter of great awe for the world. He also said it is natural for every citizen to feel proud of the Election Commission and its meticulous organising abilities.

He said the country leaves no stone unturned to ensure that every citizen of India who is a registered voter, rightfully avails of the opportunity to cast his vote. He appreciated the Election Commission for “relentlessly” striving to ensure the strengthening of democracy.

“I hold in high esteem, the Election Commissions of all states, security personnel and other staff members who contribute in ensuring strict adherence to free and fair polling,” he said. Referring to recent Khelo India games, he said only when the local ecosystem or the base of sports will be strong, then only youth will be able to perform their best. “The building of new India does not only involve contribution from the denizens of big cities but also from the youth, children, young sports talents, hailing from small cities, towns and villages,” he said.