Karnataka Chief Minister fires on BJP For Luring His MLAs

Vastavam web: The Karnataka Chief Minister Kumaraswamy revealed a piece of shocking news to the media the other day. Speaking about BJP’s urge to be in Power, he disclosed one of their dirty deeds to the world.It is a known thing that the BJP which enjoyed Power in Karnataka missed it in 2018 with just a couple of seats. The kingmaker Kumaraswamy, however, stepped on the fox’s tail and became the CM unexpectedly. None other than the CM Kumaraswamy declared that Modi and Amit Shah via their local leaders tried to lure his own JDS MLAs by bribing them a whopping sum of money.

Despite their trails, he said that the JDS leaders are not willing to destroy their own Government. On this note, Kumaraswamy fumed fire on the BJP biggies for their unending greed to be in power at any cost even though the ways are apolitical and unconstitutional.These claims of Kumaraswamy has stirred a new controversy among Karnataka circles.