Chandrababu Naidu slams Jagan over Sharmila episode

Vastavam web: AP CM Chandrababu Naidu accused Opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy of bringing the Sharmila episode to the forefront as a mere diversionary tactic. Naidu said Jagan was scared of the huge response to 100 per cent hike in pensions to the poor families which was why unhealthy ideas were being used against the TDP. He said KCR is bent upon creating needless controversies only to disturb the political situation in AP. CBN asserted that the TDP had never resorted to hurting the sentiments of women in any manner and there were just attempts by rivals to deface the party on this count.

CBN said the government was giving top priority to protection of women’s well being as part of which it was being considered to give Rs. 10,000 to DWCRA women groups members.