Majority of Americans Not Confident in Trump’s Immigration Decisions

Vastavam web: A Majority of Americans are not confident in President Donald Trump’s ability to make wise immigration policy as the partial government shutdown over Trump’s border wall is poised to stretch into its fifth week. Overall, 58 percent of Americans say they have little or no confidence in Trump’s ability to make wise immigration policy, including a 45 percent share of Americans who say they have no confidence in his immigration policy, according to data from from a sweeping Pew Research Center survey conducted from Jan. 9 to 14.

Opinions, however, are split decisively along party lines. More than 8 in 10 Republicans or those who lean Republican feel that Trump can make smart immigration decisions, compared to just 6 percent of Democrats and those who lean left. Likewise, 70 percent of Republicans are confident in Trump’s ability to work effectively with Congress while only 7 percent of Democrats feel the same. The survey, which was conducted two years after Trump’s inauguration, reveals deeply partisan but overall negative views on Trump, despite finding that more Americans believe Trump’s economic policies have made conditions better than believe his policies have made conditions worse.

Trump’s approval rating sits at 37 percent, down 2 percentage points from when he was inaugurated. Of five previous presidents, only Ronald Reagan had a similarly low approval rating two years into the presidency. Trump has the highest disapproval rating of the past five presidents, at 59 percent. majority also believes that Trump administration officials do not have strong ethics. Nearly 6 in 10 Americans describe the ethics of top Trump administration officials as “not good” or “poor,” the survey found.

Opinions on both Trump and his officials are split deeply along party lines: Fifty-eight percent of Republicans say they trust Trump more than previous presidents, while only 2 percent of Democrats say the same. Similarly, 76 percent of Republicans describe top officials’ ethics as “excellent” or “good,” though 90 percent of Democrats describe officials’ ethical standards as “not good” or “poor.”

Views on Trump’s tax returns are increasingly partisan as well, though a majority of all Americans continue to believe the president should release his tax documents. Some 65 percent say Trump has a responsibility to release his tax returns, up from 60 percent two years ago. However, 9 in 10 Democrats say Trump should publicize his taxes, while 32 percent of Republicans believe similarly.

Despite widely negative views on Trump’s trustworthiness and officials’ ethical standards, researchers found support for Trump’s economic policies. Forty percent of Americans believe Trump’s economics policies have made conditions better in the country, compared to 28 percent who say they have made things worse. Another 30 percent said his policies have not had much effect.

Among Republicans, nearly 80 percent say the president’s economic policies have made things better, compared to 10 percent of Democrats. Just over 40 percent of Democrats think Trump’s policies have not had much effect, while 46 percent say that they’ve made things worse. Americans also have more confidence in Trump’s ability to make economic policies than they do in his ability to handle other matters effectively. Over half of Americans said they are “somewhat” or “very” confident in his ability to negotiate favorable trade agreements with other countries, and 49 percent were “somewhat” or “very confident” in his economic decisions.