TRS Working President wants ChandraBabu To Stay In AP For LS Elections

Vastavam web: The TRS Working President KTR interacted with the Press regarding his party’s future course of actions as the Lok Sabha elections are approaching in this year. Speaking to the Press, KTR made some comments on his rival CBN.KTR expressed his full confidence on winning 16 seats out of 17 Parliamentary segments in Telangana State with ease and grace.

This former IT Minister declared that KCR is their permanent boss and they would blindly follow his instructions. He threw a satire on the so-called tech savvy CM of AP that being a Computer expert, CBN should know whether the EVMs used in the Telangana elections have tampered or not. Also, he continued his attack on the TDP Chief that it would be better if CBN chooses to stay in AP than continuing his alliance with the Praja Kutami for the Lok Sabha elections.