India is a land of opportunities: Defence Minister

Vastavam web: Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Saturday said India is a land of opportunities and those who had gone abroad to earn their living were returning. “I have heard in my younger days that America is a land of opportunities. But, today, our country is a land of opportunities and those who had gone far away (to earn their living) are returning…,” she said, after watching the special screening of Tamil dubbed version of movie “Chalo Jeete Hain” here. The film which runs for 32 minutes, is inspired by the early life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a special screening was held at Satyam Cinemas here Saturday.

In her brief speech, Sitharaman said, those who have gone abroad were returning to India since a conducive atmosphere offering growth was prevailing here. Sitharaman lauded the efforts taken to dub the film in Tamil and wanted the movie to be taken across Tamil Nadu to reach the younger audience. The film revolves around a formative incident in the life of a boy Narendran destined to serve the nation. The boy, while reading a book by Swami Vivekananda is struck hard by a quote-‘Wahi jeete hain, jo doosro ke liye jeete hain’ (Only those who live for others actually live). On the quest for meaning of life, the boy tries to pursue what he can do for others in his small world.