Narendra Modi fires on Chandra Babu Government

Vastavam web: The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has been silent on all the allegations of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and his camp opened up his mouth. Even before the scheduled Public meeting, Modi fumed fire on AP Government’s bad plots against the Centre in the BJP’s internal meeting. Talking to the BJP State leaders via Teleconference on the occasion of the New Year’s Day, this BJP bigwig has participated in interaction with AP BJP wing. Terming the AP CM as the liar, The PM declared that the AP Government has completely failed to fulfill all the promises it has made to the people.

Also, an amount of 1000 crores are allocated to the backward districts of AP. This three times CM of Gujarat asked AP Government if they didn’t receive all these crores then to whom’s pockets these amounts were gone. Finally, Modi stunned his cadre by stating that the Centre has considered the Polavaram as the National Project and sent 7,000 crores already as a part of its duty but the AP CM is claiming that he didn’t receive any fund, which is a big lie. On the ending note, this Gujarat leader warned the AP Government that very soon the Centre will ask the white paper reports of all the expenses sent by him to the AP State and CAG will take care of it.