Narendra Modi fears AP may overtake Gujarat: CBN

Vastavam web: There was intense competition between Modi and Chandrababu when they were chief ministers of Gujarat and United AP respectively. Now CBN has hit back at Modi’s recent remarks. Naidu says he has put Hyderabad in the world map as an IT hub while Modi has done nothing for Ahmedabad. CBN accused Modi of not giving funds to AP just because he is jealous that AP may overtake Gujarat soon. Modi has referred to defeat of Mahakutami in Telangana and he said the Congress alliance will meet with the same fate in the country. Naidu appeals to AP people to be very cautious as KCR, Modi and Jaganmohan Reddy are bent upon damaging the prospects of Andhra Pradesh for their selfish political advantage. CBN says it is unfortunate that Jagan is working with KCR despite the fact that the Telangana CM is aiming to further damage AP. Chandrababu said when the TRS won greater number of seats though it had done nothing for the people, the TDP would definitely get ever more seats because of its better performance in AP.