Narendra Modi foreign tours Expenditure Boggles Everyone

Vastavam web: The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his foreign tours. In the happened four-plus years of his term, this top leader’s tours have cost a whopping amount which apparently became the talk of the Indian Political circles.The NDA’s PM Modi’s total foreign tour’s expenditure has hit the all-time high of 2,031 crores of rupees as he toured as many as 48 Nations in his current term.

This is way higher than the ex-PM Manmohan Singh’s total foreign tours’ expenses of 1,300 crores covering 38 nations. The expenses Include the chartered flight and its maintenance, and other leaders like PMO Officials, Ministers, and translators who accompany our PM during his visit. Among all, PM’s tour to the US and Canada remained as the most expensive one in his term.